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Hello there and thanks for looking through my site!


I am a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and performer based in Ohio. For over 25 years, I have captivated audiences across the US and Europe, with a strong presence in Ohio, New York, and Connecticut.

In Ohio, I led The Susans (grunge/rock, 1992-2002 - with Susan Davison, Jon Thoms, Steve Schwier, Ken Lambert), releasing two full-length albums and touring the region. I then moved to Connecticut, where I spent 20 years as part of the acoustic duo Me & D (pop/rock 2004-2024 with David DeLallo.) Now back in Ohio, near Cleveland.


During my music career, I’ve fronted bands in approximately 500 shows and have performed live on radio, TV, at music industry events, community festivals, and even at major sporting events, singing the National Anthem.​  Now in this chapter, I perform primarily as a soloist, with just guitar and vocals, but I also enjoy collaborating with other musicians and sitting in on rhythm guitar or vocals. Known for my dynamic vocal range, I cover a wide variety of songs and have a collection of original pieces. I thrive on engaging with audiences, tailoring my setlists to their preferences and infusing every performance with energy and passion.

I have lived in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Connecticut and I worked in Manhattan, New York City for 5 years. I have had a 30+ career in the Energy-Oil & Gas industry. Before that I made pizzas, served cocktails, processed mortgage applications, managed warehouses, printed t-shirts, installed satellite dishes, provided personal training at health clubs, taught kung fu and tai chi, inventoried electronic equipment for a university, sold advertising space on clocks and calculators, worked as cleaning staff at a gym and helped design and implement energy trading and scheduling systems for large banks.


I’m a certified personal trainer and workout daily. I love languages and I study DAILY German, Italian and Spanish.  I ride a Harley, write haiku, and read extensively. I love to cycle, kayak, hike, travel, spend time with friends, draw with pen and ink, and paint with acrylics. Some of my artwork is featured on my ART page.

So, enough about me. How about you? You can contact me at the email address listed below.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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